The Book Titles Tag

Book Titles Tag

Eden @ Thrice Read encouraged everyone to do the Book Titles Tag. So here is my attempt at answering questions with book titles only. Then a day later, I was tagged by Em @ Keystroke Blog to do this tag!

1. Title that’s the story of your life

Book Cover - All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

I think I would say Wendy Walker’s All is Not Forgotten. I tend to have a long memory about things, sometimes other people can’t even recall what I am talking about.

2. Title that describes your perfect weekend.


I feel like my ideal weekend nowadays would involve The Lake House. Read: a house with no internet or cell service where I can unplug and read books or write. Romanticizing, maybe, but given the rabbit hole that is the internet, I think that’s the way I’d be the most productive.

3. Title of an adventure you’d like to go on.


I like to cook, so Lauren Shockey’s Four Kitchens: My Life Behind the Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv, and Paris sounds like a cool adventure to me.

4. Title you want to name your child.

Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh, probably because I want to burst into song whenever that child is running late. Although compared to some of the names my friend tells me are “truly terrible” this one isn’t so bad.

Close seconds are Hanna from Hanna Who Fell From the Sky by Christopher Meades and Emma from Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker.

Of course, when/if I have children these names will probably change.

5. Title of your ideal job.

Book Cover - The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Still holding onto this idea that I will write a book of my own one day, so The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult fits pretty well.

6. Title of a place you’d like to visit.


Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. Who doesn’t want to visit their own version of a perfect little world?

7. Title of your love life.


A book called “Nonexistent” might better describe my love life, but I think The Rules of Love and Grammar by Mary Simes sounds like me. I could imagine who I am with getting really annoyed when I correct their grammar or style something they’ve written.

8. Questions you ask yourself


If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face? is such a great title, and it’s a question I ask myself all the time. Sometimes just in my head while having conversations. Especially when someone starts a sentence and leaves it with a hanging preposition. (No! I do not know who the sentence was going to end!)

9. Title of a kingdom you want to rule OR name.


I don’t know about you guys, but I think that Euphoria sounds like a pretty awesome kingdom. Granted it probably exists in a state of utopia/dystopia depending on the perspective of the people who live there.

10. Title you’d name your band.


Lauren Groff’s Fates and Furies just sounds like a good band name, don’t you think? I imagine we’d play Florence + The Machine-esque music!

11. What is your current mood?


Storm in a Teacup by Helen Czerski

12. What is your favorite color?


I’m a Slytherin, so it should be no surprise that I gravitate towards Emerald Green!

13. How do you feel about 2017 so far?


Today Will Be Different, because that’s what I say to myself every time I go on Facebook.

14. Where do you want to travel?


I’ve always wanted to go to London, and fortunately there’s a great guy named Edward Rutherfurd who wrote a book called London.

15. What are your summer plans?

Book Cover - All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

Gonna go with the abstract answer that is Bryn Greenwood’s All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

16. What are your 2017 goals?


More of an eternal life goal, but I would like to build The Impossible Fortress.

Now time for some tags! I want to encourage all of you guys to do this because it’s really a cool tag, I got to use a lot of titles from my never-ending TBR pile. 

Amber @ The Literary Phoenix
Chloe @ The Elven Warrior
Olivia @ The Beauty of Reading
Alex @ Whimsy Pages
Naty @ Naty’s Bookshelf



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Lauren Busser is a fiction writer and essayist. She is an associate editor at Tell-Tale TV, where she writes about all things tv. She has had fiction appear in five : 2 : one magazine’s #thesideshow and her nonfiction has appeared in Bitch Media and The Hartford Courant. You can find her talking about tv, film, and knitting on Twitter @LaurenBusser.

5 thoughts on “The Book Titles Tag

  1. Yay you did it!! I loved reading your answers! My favorite was definitely the question one!! “If I understood you, would I have this look on my face?” Lol that’s literally the story of my life!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY TAGS! Em @ Keystrokes Blog (see above lol) just tagged me on this one, and I posted it on Saturday. 🙂 BUT YOU HAVE SOME DIFFERENT QUESTIONS! … Maybe I’ll do an addendum, haha. I really like your current mood choice. 😀


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