The Sunday Post // August 6, 2017

Sunday Post - 8-7-2017

It’s the first Sunday in August and it’s time for another edition of The Sunday Post!

For those who are new here, The Sunday Post is a meme where we share what’s happened on our blogs, what we’ve been up to, and our favorite posts from around the blogosphere! It was created by Kimberly @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

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Reading Updates

I just finished reading Rabbit Cake by Anni Hartnett last night! It’s probably what I will call my “Ugly Cry Book of 2017” but it was so good! A full review is forthcoming, but the long and short of it is that I definitely recommend it!

Following that, I promptly started The Goddesses by Swan Huntley, but since that’s a digital galley and I am worried I may get a little cross-eyed, I am putting aside for just a moment so I can read The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Karen Barnhill.

What Else Have I Been Up To

Honestly, I haven’t been up to much! I am working on finding some cool themes for the September Book Traveling Thursdays, and I am ironing out some details for a new feature I want to start here.

I am also starting The Scribblers Challenge hosted by May @ Forever and Everly, which I am excited about because I am hoping it will motivate me to write fiction again.

Around the Blogosphere

Charley @ Books and Bakes wrote a post about unexpected surprises in books. Which is so much fun! I love finding things in books like that.

Amanda @ Literary Weaponry discussed what makes a book special. I am personally in the camp of: “there is no perfect book, only the right book at the right time.”

Lois @ My Midnight Musings posted a discussion about “Why I Should Read More Historical Fiction.” I agree with all of her points because historical fiction is kinda my jam!

Em @ Keystroke Blog wrote up some YA Recommendations (And Which Series Aren’t Worth a Read). There are a few series that I am hoping to finish, and a few that I recently discovered just before I saw this list. Needless to say, my TBR grew a little bit after reading this.

Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks posted a great write-up about why we need diverse booksMost importantly though, this post also gives writers a few tips to make sure that they are handling the cultures they’re writing about well. In short: research, research, research, and ask questions!

Danielle @ Pretty Mess Reading compiled ten bookish memes that only book lovers will understand. My favorites are The Beast and Spongebob!

Izzi @ Ravenclaw Book Club asks the question: “Does the Love Interest Have to Die?” I am all for a well thought-out death, but there are some times when if you keep killing a character’s love interest, it just gets lazy!

Lauren @ My Paper Infinity wrote a post with tips to read more. These are all solid bits of advice, although one and two over lap for me because I don’t commute, but listen to audiobooks on car rides.

Shoto @ Bookish Babbles shared her thoughts on DNF reviews. DNF reviews when only a small portion of the book has been read annoy me to no end. Especially because I read some great books that I would describe as “frustrating but rewarding.” There wasn’t anything wrong with the book, but everything is presented in a certain way to lead to a reveal, and I would have felt terrible missing that.

That’s all for this week’s The Sunday Post, what have you guys been up to this week? Let me know in the comments below! 




Published by Lauren Busser

Lauren Busser is a fiction writer and essayist. She is an associate editor at Tell-Tale TV, where she writes about all things tv. She has had fiction appear in five : 2 : one magazine’s #thesideshow and her nonfiction has appeared in Bitch Media and The Hartford Courant. You can find her talking about tv, film, and knitting on Twitter @LaurenBusser.

25 thoughts on “The Sunday Post // August 6, 2017

  1. Aw thank you so much for featuring my post, I’m glad you liked it so much! And I will check out the one about DNF reviews – it sounds interesting. x


      1. I really liked it and gave the blog as follow as well, thank you for recommending it! 😊


  2. Great post!! And thank you so much for including me in it!!
    Also, I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Goddesses. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews, and I’d love to see a few more before I decide whether or not to read it!


    1. You’re very welcome! I am in awe of people who seem to have read so many YA series. I always think I am a little too distracted by standalones to get through them until they are already complete, or nearly complete.

      I am very curious about The Goddesses myself. I read Swan Huntley’s debut novel recently, and I liked her writing but didn’t care for her main character. I am trying not to do an apples to apples comparison and just appreciate it as it’s own thing for the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I binge read series the way I watch TV shows…. but I’m always so hesitant to start them (both shows and new series). I do wish that I read more stand alones though…. I’ve read a few good ones lately, but it’s always so hard for me to find one that I want to read! I think most of my book slumps happen because I’m too indecisive about what I want to read next!


      2. Yea I have that happen. It’s why WWW Wednesday has kind of been great for me, so I can at least queue up a few options and think about what’s on my radar. Sometimes I turn left and I don’t even go with what I intended for the next book I’m reading, but at least I keep thinking about it, and so I keep reading.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for commenting on my graphics! I am going to head over and check out your update soon, but I have to turn in a TV review first for Tell-Tale TV.


  3. Thank you so much for featuring my post. You’ve definitely had a productive reading/blogging week yourself. I can’t say the Goddesses has been on my radar but I’ve heard mixed views about the book.


    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for stopping by! It’s been a bit of catch up recently, but I finally feel like I am back to my old blogging groove!

      I heard mixed reviews about The Goddesses myself, but Swan’s writing style grabbed me in her debut, so I thought I should at least give this new character a shot.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda! Your post was amazing! And, I will definitely be reviewing The Goddesses as soon as I finish with it, which will probably be next week. The Girl Who Drank the Moon is turning out to be a very quick read so I will pick up The Goddesses once I am done.


  4. First, new follower and your blog is gorgeous! I love the simple elegance of it 🙂 Also, it is really nice to see bloggers showcasing other bloggers posts in weekly wrap-ups, not just their own! Great wrap-up 🙂


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