The Sunshine Blogger Award #7

I was nominated for this award by Darque @ Darque Dreamer Reads. Thank you so much for the nomination Darque! Everyone, if you aren’t following their blog already. Go check it out! It’s pretty awesome! I highly recommend the bookish photos! Now, onto the award. I have actually done this reward six times before, youContinue reading “The Sunshine Blogger Award #7”

The Liebster Award #2

You might remember a few weeks ago I posted some questions for a Liebster award nomination. Now I have been nominated again by Gina over at Rattle the Stars. Thank you so much for the nomination Gina! The Rules: Post the award on your blog. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. Answer the questions assigned toContinue reading “The Liebster Award #2”

Meeting Steven Rowley @ BookCourt (Brooklyn, NY)

From page one the writing gripped me and throughout the book I found myself laughing and crying. It’s a great read for animal lovers but it also really touches on grief and loss and the relationships we build with people closest to us. So when Steven Rowley announced his tour dates and I saw one inContinue reading “Meeting Steven Rowley @ BookCourt (Brooklyn, NY)”